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If you are trying to find someone free, this covers the state of Indiana. Each page is laid out very simply, find what you are looking for or follow the links. There are so many in some, we have had to break them up to avoid slowing your internet connection. The bottom of the page may contain further instructions.

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A people search for Indiana with free public access search

We don't claim to have the largest collection of websites for searching, but they grow everyday and users suggest new ones or correct mistakes all the time. Take your time to be thorough, it's understandable that you would want to get your answers and run, but if you want free, you have to work for it a little. So-called "premium" sites will charge for what you find here, and they offer nothing different. If you can't find it here or elsewhere, we do have recommendations on the very bottom of each page for true information providers that are reliable and trustworthy.

Indiana people search using multiple public record sites is easy and simple. All the sites on this page allow you to search by name, date or in courts, by case number. You can also use the local site for county, city and other areas to find specific details about business and other agencies that may be able to help in your free people search. Vital Statistics forms are available for download or printing directly from here, prices vary, but generally only cost more online due to shipping and advanced delivery methods. Please compare prices to see for yourself. Using this can help you with another search to learn more or go to other sources to find people.

Vital Statistics
Certified copies cost $10.00 for births and $8.00 for deaths. State employees will search if you don't have an exact date, but if you are off by more than 5 years they keep your fee to pay for the search.

Indiana Birth
Indiana Birth certificate form online
Indiana Adoption Consent To Release Information
Indiana Birth Certificate Online
Indiana Death
Indiana Death Certificate Mail In Request
Find Indiana Deaths In Public Records
Indiana Death Certificate Online
Indiana Divorce
See Below
Find A Indiana Divorce with Intelius
Indiana Divorce Certificate Online
Indiana Marriage
See Below
Find A Indiana Marriage License
Indiana Marriage Certificate Online

Marriages and Divorces are recorded in the county where they took place and copies by mail must be obtained from them. Fee and methods vary. Click Here To Go To Indiana County Links

Courts and Criminal Records
There may be some links to courts or records not listed here, so please check the Court Records page as well. Not all these court sites allow searches of public records. Also, inmate, prisoner and arrest records can be found using the links in the left menu.
Clerk of Courts online docket search
Indiana court record database
Indiana supreme court
Court Case Lookup Records Search
Self Service/Pro Se Help and Legal Forms
Indiana Most Wanted
Indiana Inmate and Offender Lookup
Verify Indiana Professional License

people search to find jail inmate search and department of corrections offender lookup
Crown Point, city warrants Lake County
Indiana department of corrections inmate search
Indiana's free people search of warrants - multi-county jurisdictions, Allen, DeKalb, Delaware, LaGrange, Lake, Madison, Noble, Steuben, Wells.
Delaware County jail
Greene County warrant search
Hamilton County Jail Division
Johnson County jail information
Lake County, Indiana Sheriff's jail
Madison County warrants
Marion County jail inmates
Porter County Jail

people search using multiple public record sites to find people free
A free people search for Indiana
A free people search using Indiana public records
Indiana People Search
Indiana Public Record
Indiana Address Search
Find people Free, Indiana
Indiana People Search
Indiana Public Records
Indiana People Search
Indiana Public Record
Indiana People Search
Indiana Public Record
Indiana Free People Search

County Sites
Currently, these are the county sites we have found on the internet. If your county isn't here and you're sure they have a website, please contact us with the most recent web address you have. County sites can be helpful because they are the hub for most legal activities involving people. A courthouse site will list court, sheriff, jail, inmate search, arrest warrant, most wanted, sex offender registry, clerk of courts, rulings from judges, land records and deeds, deaths and marriages and in some instances birth records, plus most have either cemetery archives or listings for the churches in the area that do. On the whole, the best place to start is here. These sites can provide information on county courthouses, area information, legal documents as well as county sponsored community projects, vital statistics and jail or correctional institutions.

City Sites
City and other local sites can help in your search for someone if you need to find nearby business directories or to use any chamber of commerce or better business bureau member database that might be available to the public. Contacting people at these may increase your chances to find people free if you make an effort to contact people at the cities web sites. Other things you can find are accident, criminal activity and police reports., search felons and other high risk felony offenders that are at large.

Town and Township Sites

If you got this far down on the page, you might need a little extra help. Using the menu on the right, it might benefit you to use one of the other areas to start fresh. If you have really been working on this more than you have time or patience for, the following sites are safe for checking and dealing with if you would like to try them: allows access to the 43 million member database to anyone who signs up free, that's how they connect you and the person you are trying to contact, try their free people search here.

Intelius, on the other hand, is a professional data provider for background check and  work, criminal and residence history. Conduct a nationwide advanced people search by spouse or maiden name, age, DOB or SSN for unlisted numbers, addresses, roommates and family members.

These are the main site categories, use as many as you need, starting with what is most appropriate. Some of these lead directly to searches or directory listings, the others have more options to refine your search.

There are many opportunities here to find someone and we hope it's all very helpful to you. One of the most common mistakes made is not looking in enough places. Often times, folks like to travel for crime or get into trouble while away from home, checking surrounding counties or cities might reveal more than you expect, but should at least give you more piece of mind knowing you exhausted all possibilities.
If the person you are looking for happens to live near the border to another state, visit that as well and go through the closest locations to them. free people search site copyright 2014 Real Free Networks all rights reserved
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